Tin Smelting Operation

RBT as a smelting company, especially in the field of Tin Refining, RBT continues to do activities with Spectrolab to be part of RBT quality control. This is proven to produce quick analysis and precise results to increase the number of resources owned.

Production Flow Sheet

Production Flow Sheet is a sequence of smelting and refining processes based on the input of the process material step, from raw materials in this case tin ore to tin products so ready for export. The end product is also slag II which is considered worthless because the Sn content is low <1.5%.

Smelting Flow Sheet

Smelting Flow Sheet can be described as follows where melting occurs in two stages :

  • The first stage of tin ore smelting to produce lead and slag I which still contain Cr 15 - 25%.
  • The second stage of melting slag I to reduce the lead content in slag I so as to reduce the level of slag to be dumped to 1.5% Sn which produces FeSn alloy or called Hard head.
  • The last stage of refining consists of casting, crystalizer, and Flame Oven. At this stage the resulting tin (99% Sn) is processed into tin metal that is ready to be exported in accordance with the required standards.