About RBT

RBT becomes one of the largest tin ingot producers in Indonesia, with production capacity up to 2,000 tons every month. RBT is built to meet the increasing world demand for the best quality tin, with integrated tin business ranging from exploration, mining, processing to marketing.

Production And Product Quality

In a short time, RBT has successfully developed into one of the largest producers of Tin Aluminum in Indonesia, with an installed capacity of 2,000 tons per month. On the production floor, RBT is equipped with the most refined facilities to maintain quality and support a healthy green environment. With three installed Crystallizer engines, RBT produces high quality Smooth Tin with 99.9% to 99.99% Sn (above LME standard) and Pb below 30ppm.


With the capability of producing high quality Timah, RBT products have reached major tin markets worldwide, such as the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Pakistan. With continuous supply and quality, RBT will be able to expand its market to many other countries.

"We build and maintain our reputation by always providing consistent quality and delivery times"


Maintaining customer satisfaction and product quality is one of its key successes in business. To achieve this, RBT has installed a complete and modern laboratory facility that is handled by expert laboratory technicians. Among its advanced equipment, Spectrolab has become part of the RBT quality control. It has been proven to produce quick analysis and precise results. With a complete laboratory, RBT is believed to provide strict quality control.

Good Environmental Mining Practices

RBT A commitment to preserve the environment in which it operates. RBT believes that it can contribute optimally to local communities and to the world is sustainability by applying the highest standards of healthy green environmental practices. This commitment is evident by building cooling towers and dust collectors that can capture 99% of particles coming out of the exhaust gases. To minimize solid waste, RBT equips its facility with a fuming oven for slag recycling. In mining activities, RBT follows the Government's regulations on how to apply environmentally sound mining and post mining methods; it conducts reclamation and replanting in former mining areas with ecomonical plantations, such as palm trees, rubber trees and grasses. With an advantageous location, supported by complete facilities and the ability to produce high quality Tin Refined, RBT has become the world's leading tin producer. And by delivering the best products with excellent service and delivery time, RBT can be the leader of the world's tin tin producer market.