Sejarah Perusahaan

PT Refined Bangka Tin (RBT) is a privately owned tin and industrial integrated tin company established in 2007. Located at Sungailiat - Bangka Island, the company was established to meet the demand of high quality export oriented Timah. By producing high quality Timah and delivering the best value products to its customers, RBT has become one of the best known producers of Tin in Indonesia with its strengths and expertise.

PT Refined Bangka Tin started its operational process in 2009 with business concentration on processing and refining tin beans into pure sticks (Ingot) with specification refers to Permendag RI No 33 of 2015 and has been registered in LME (London Metal Exchage) as a world tin brand (having a quality product and has been recognized) and also registered in the EICC (Elecronic Industry Citizenship Coalition membership which ensures that the materials used in the process do not originate from the conflict area and with the entry of RBT into the EICC, the resulting product will be more readily accepted by many of the lead industry in the World.