About Community Development Program

The Community Development Program is a community development activity according to its potential, undertaken by companies directed to increase community access to better social, economic and cultural conditions when compared to previous conditions. The company's Community Development policy, not just about "harmonization" between the company and society, but rather holds the principle of "empowerment", which is a structured effort to encourage community self-reliance.

The purpose of Community Development is :

  1. In order for the community around the company to build itself.
  2. Helps to increase self-reliance both materially and spiritually.

Benefits of Community Development can be felt both by the community itself and by the company. These benefits include :

  1. Establishment of positive image of the company through the improvement of communication programs with the community, improvement of public services, and community empowerment programs around.
  2. Contributing to the development of surrounding communities so that it becomes an economically independent society.
  3. Fulfillment of community needs in accordance with the planned program.

If the company conducts CSR programs, it is expected that the company's sustainability will be well guaranted and to shape or create a more prosperous and independent community life. Therefore, CSR programs are more appropriate if they are classified as investments and become part of business strategic.


PT. Refined Bangka Tin is committed to always contribute to sustainable development, working with company employees, family employees, local communities, and the general public as well as stakeholders in order to improve the quality of life of Indonesians better. As a form of commitment, PT. Refined Bangka Tin has developed and established the Vision, Mission and Values of the Company in line with the commitment.

In order to implement these objectives, it is necessary to reference the implementation of corporate social responsibility program that focuses on community involvement and empowerment based on several provisions, namely SK no. .......... About the Environmental Policy of PT. Refined Bangka Tin. The policy sets out the goals of the community empowerment program, that is:

Conducting community empowerment and actively supporting and participating in sustainable economic development program so that the realization of an independent society and berswadaya around the company.