About CSR

Companies as one of the actors in national economic development, should not only aim to gain financial benefits but also need to contribute to society and surrounding environment. Corporate responsibility to stakeholders is to be ethical, minimize negative impacts and maximize positive impacts covering the economic, social and environmental (triple bottom line) aspects in order to achieve sustainable development objectives.

PT. Refined Bangka Tin (PT RBT) recognizes that the success of a business is no longer measured by the business profits, but also by the Company's ability to meet the expectations of stakeholders. In any business, the continuity or sustainability of a business is a top business priority. This can be achieved if the company is able to build a balance between commercial / profit, social and environmental interests.

PT. RBT is engaged in the mineral processing business that has a high risk of changes in the natural and social environment, hence the company is committed to constantly consider, prevent, mitigate and manage the impact of its operations and business through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) . In other words, One form of corporate concern towards the community around the activities embodied in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program implemented in the form of Community Development.

Social and environmental responsibility is regulated in the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company where article 74 states that the Company which carries out its business activities in the field and / or related to natural resources shall carry out the Social and Environmental Responsibility. In addition, the Regulation of the State Minister for the Environment of the Republic of Indonesia No. 5 of 2011 on the Program of Corporate Performance Rating Rating in Environmental Management Article 4 paragraph b includes aspects of Community Development in the assessment criteria for Green and Beyond Compliance PROPER.